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Trenbolone (C18H2202), also called a “Tren“, belongs to the most popular and potent anabolic steroids of our time. Even though it is quite powerful, bodybuilders can take  it safely (as long as they stick to the right doses and take the necessary supplements). Moreover, it is quite universal, as it fits into any possible cycles for cutting or bulking, and goes well with most other compounds. Trenbolone is the best modern steroid for the raise of performance.

What Is Trenbolone?
Modern Trenbolone is very popular among athletes, who want to derive the maximum benefit of each workout. Although this gives the same results as the rest of the anabolic steroids muscle benefit and increase performance, it has several other features appropriate to that specific substance. This is a very moderate and anabolic androgenic so insignificant risk of side effects compared to its positive effects. Trenbolone has the following functions:

Improves protein metabolism and allows muscles to retain nitrogen, which is an important component of muscle tissue
Increases power
Improves stamina to provide longer and more efficient workouts
Decreases pain and fatigue after the workout
Produces insulin-like growth factor 1 better than any other modern steroid; it allows you to maintain bone, muscle tissue, etc.
Increases the number of red blood cells to improve the amount of oxygen delivered to the muscles
Impedes the production of stress hormones (for example, cortisol)
Improves nutrient effectiveness

Trenbolone Acetate or Trenbolone Enanthate
Buying Trenbolone, you can make the choice between Acetate of Trenbolone or Trenbolone Enanthate. There are only a few substantial differences between them, that can be found in oral version of Trenbolone and in powder of Trenbolone. The acetate of Trenbolone contains 87mg to the active substance after 100mg, and Trenbolone Enanthate 72mg after 100. In addition, they have original formulas affecting Trenbolone half life. Trenbolone Acetate has a shorter half-life, so it needs more frequent dosage, and Tren-E- vice versa. In most cases, Trenbolone Enanthate more difficult to find, more expensive, and less powerful than Acetate.

Dosage and Precautions
Trenbolone Acetate and Trenbolone Enanthate has have the same dosage. The only distinction is the frequency of the intake. Most people take from 50 to 100mg of Acetate a day, but some of them increase their dosage to 200mg a day, which, however, only enhances the risk of side effects. We suggest that you don’t take more than 50mg of Trenbolone a day, as it gives no positive effects. As for Enanthate, men often take up to 700mg a week split into 2-3 injections.

However, you shouldn’t neglect the doctor’s advice. In spite of the general tolerance of Trenbolone, people with certain heart, kidney or kidneys liver problems must avoid using it. If you are now using steroids prescribed by physician, don’t take Trenbolone for the increase of performance enhancement.

Side Effects
Most side effects of Trenbolone can be prevented with the responsible use and proper supplements. Moreover, Trenbolone and Trenbolone Enanthate has the same side effects.

Basic advantage of Trenbolone is that he is not aromatized, and, consequently, does not grow into estrogen in an organism. Nevertheless, it can result in gynecomastia from the nature and progestin. Even if on some websites it is said that the drugs of anti-estrogen are not needed, it not so.

Androgenic action. Any steroid can cause androgenic undesired effects, but they are much rarer with Trenbolone. Moreover, if you’re not predisposed to these health conditions, there is almost no chance you’ll experience them. Trenbolone may aggravate hair loss and acne. Trenbolone baldness is a widespread side effect, so if you’re prone to this, you should weigh all pros and cons.

Cardiological diseases. Trenbolone doesn’t usually cause bloating due to its low level of aromatization. Bloating increases body fluid, which effects your blood pressure. However, Trenbolone itself rarely has a significant effect on the blood pressure. Nevertheless, Trenbolone can reduce good cholesterol and increase the bad one, which enhances the chances of stroke and arterial illness. You should add Omega-3 supplements to your diet.
Testosterone suppression. As any anabolic steroids, Trenbolone suppresses natural development of testosterone. Using one of the multiple forms of testosterone minimizes the risk of developing erectile dysfunction, testicular atrophy and decreased libido.

Some men can suffer from sweating, insomnia, head pain and increased heart rate. Sometimes, lowering the dose can prevent these side effects. Some men just don’t tolerate Trenbolone, therefore these effects are quite predictable.

Trenbolone Stack Choices
A Trenbolone stack can consist of almost anything, as this steroid has a low aromatization rate and isn’t harmful for the liver. You should choose your stack according to the cycle type. For example, it combines well with Winstrol, Equipoise, and Masteron as regards cutting, but you will require a smaller dose for cutting than for muscle gaining. 50mg a day is a perfect choice. When it comes to muscle gaining, Trenbolone fits well with Anadrol, Dianabol, and DecaDurabolin. During muscle gaining cycles, you may need about 100mg a day. Such combinations will allow you to train muscle and enlarge your endurance.

Trenbolone Acetate Cycle Options
Trenbolone is quite flexible; therefore, you can create a cycle depending on your own tolerance and requirements. Trenbolone Acetate cycle doesn’t differ from Trenbolone Enanthate cycle, so as long as you follow the right frequency of use, they can be interchangeable.

In most cases, you should avoid a cycle that includes only Trenbolone. The best Trenbolone results come from a perfect stack where all the components work well together. Don’t forget to keep your Trenbolone treatment cycles as short as possible; eight weeks are quite enough, even though some sportsmen may use it up to 10 weeks. Moreover, remember to stick to the post-cycle treatment until your natural testosterone has come back to normal. This may last for about a month.

Trenbolone PCT
Trenbolone impedes the natural production of testosterone hormone in your body. Therefore, when your cycle comes to an end, post-cycle treatment allows your body to start producing this hormone on its own again. Consider that it may take about one year before things return to normal, and you may feel bad at that time. If you will stop taking steroids and synthetic testosterone for 3 months or more, PCT is necessary. The time you start depends on the kind of Trenbolone you took.

Trenbolone Acetate has a short half-life. Therefore, you should start taking PCT three days after your last dose. Most sportsmen use only estrogen antagonists (such as Clomid or Nolvadex) for 4-6 weeks to raise the production level of testosterone. Don’t forget to halve the dose in every two weeks. If your cycle was long, or if you took an increased dose of Trenbolone, you may need to incorporate hCG. In such case, start taking hCG3 days after your last dose at 500mg to 1000mga day for 10 days. Then, stop taking hCG and use the above-mentioned estrogen antagonists.

Trenbolone Enanthate half-life duration is about 10 days, so you must follow the instructions above but wait 10 days after your last dose to start the PCT.

Is Trenbolone Legal?
In the US, Trenbolone is an illegal medication. Therefore, the doctors don’t prescribe it because of the risk of potential health damage. But there is a loophole in the law. One company produces granules intended for the livestock, which helps accelerate the development of that livestock and increases the total income. Those granules don’t fall into the same legislative requirements, so you can easily get them. However, you can’t use them in their pure form. They need some preparation before people can start using them.

In the most cases, Trenbolone is forbidden in the US but legal in the other countries. Take into account the fact that purchasing, distributing, using, and even just having Trenbolone may have severe legal consequences.


Where can I buy Trenbolone Acetate or Enanthate?
It is a good thing that you can find either product for sale worldwide. Despite the fact that it is illegal in many countries, it is still widely distributed. Many people prefer buying Trenbolone online, as it is cheap and easy.

How to take Trenbolone?
In addition to the above-mentioned dosage instructions, you should make sure of the following:

You have enough Trenbolone and necessary additives to finish your treatment schedule.
Measure the injectable Trenbolone cautiously as the solution is highly concentrated
Don’t exceed the dose or take the drug longer than necessary

What are the effects of Trenbolone?
The effectiveness can depend on your stack, dosage and personal tolerance. Usually, people gain about 15 pounds during an 8-week gaining cycle, or lose about 5 pounds during the same course of cutting cycle. Don’t forget that different stacks and dosages may have different effects on your body.

What are Trenbolone Acetate kits?
A Trenbolone Acetate kit that you can buy online, allows you to extract the steroid from granules used for livestock. However, while purchasing granules is legal, purchasing the kit and extracting the Trenbolone isn’t.

Can I lose fat with Trenbolone?
Of course. Trenbolone is quite universal, and though it does not reduce fat amount alone, it enhances the action of such medications as Winstrol and Masteron. During a fat loss cycle, using Trenbolone allows you to gather muscle mass while cutting fat. The speed of fat burning depends on how much muscle mass you have.

What is Trenbolone cough?

Trenbolone irritates some tissues, and it tastes too spicy. Because of that, some people experience severe coughing episodes right after an injection. Some users think that it also irritates the respiratory tract, but only if it gets into your bloodstream. It may lead to the 30-second coughing “fit”, which can make you a little anxious.

No matter if you are a beginner or an experienced user of Trenbolone, it is undeniable that it belongs to the best, cheapest and the most perficient steroids available. Buy Trenbolone to unlock your real potential and maximize the action of your workouts.


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