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Winstrol (stanozolol, C21H32N20), also referred as “Winny”, is a vet anabolic steroid, often used in dogs to make them put on some weight, enhance their power, and refine their appetites. Stanozolol for dogs is very efficient. Therefore, bodybuilders frequently use it for the same purposes. Winstrol steroids are extremely popular among the sportsmen, mostly as they give incredible results for both bulking and weight loss, and have almost no side effects.

What Is Winstrol?
You can buy Winstrol pills for the oral intake or in an form of injectable medicine, which fit both for gaining and cutting cycles. Most experts think that they have similar chemical composition, but the oral drug has an advantage over different else oral steroids as  its efficiency is the same as in the pill form. Its abundance is mostly caused by its multi-functionality; both men and women can take it during the fat loss cycles with amazing effectuality.

Winstrol for sale is highly anabolic and abstemiously androgenic. Therefore, it provides incredible results with almost no side effects compared to its rather androgenic alternatives. Thus, while most steroids turn into estrogen in the blood, Winstrol doesn’t. Moreover, due to the fact that Winstrol reduces the generation of sex hormone binding globulin (SHBG), or the proteins to which testosterone joins, it enhances the formation of free testosterone (which, in its turn, means more energy and endurance). Free testosterone is also important for protein metabolism, which allows you to grown pure muscles.

One thing you should take into account is the liver disease, which may be the result by the intake of oral Winstrol. As its compound easily penetrates into the liver, which enhances the risk of liver damage. If you take use other drug that may affect your liver, including some non-medication order medications like acetaminophen, don’t take stanozolol Winstrol. Moreover, you should avoid drinking alcohol during the treatment. Even though Winstrol can enhance the result of steroids for gaining mass, you’d better leave it for the fat cutting cycle.

Dosage and Precautions
Like in many other drugs, your Winstrol dose will depend on your personal tolerance and the benefits your expect. Due to its highly anabolic and moderately androgenic characteristics, most athletes prefer to use it for the fat loss rather than gaining mass. However, women often use Winstrol for bulking. Even the low dosage helps women to gain pure muscle.

In general, men take one pill of Winstrol 50mg for the first 6 weeks, then  the dose to two pills (100mg) a day, split into two, for 2 weeks before the competition. It allows them to achieve better form with almost no side effects. At the same time, bodybuilders who want to  their strength and endurance may take only 25mg a day for a short period to enhance the influence of their favorite steroids. This allows them to  the effect of both drugs.

Winstrol is the best choice for women. Their organisms don’t tolerate almost all anabolic steroids, as they  the production of testosterone, which, in its turn, may leads to masculization. Winstrol is a lot safer than the other steroids, so women can use it in moderation to  their performance. The introduced drug dose for women is 10mg,which gives incredible results with a very low risk. However, you should consult your doctor before starting to take Winstrol.

Side Effects
The possibility and gravity of Stanozolol side effects depends on your body, dosage and the duration of your cycle. There are some of insignificant side effects of Winstrol:

Sleeping problems
Head pain
Reduced or increased sexual desire
Oily skin and pimples

Winstrol does not season, that explains the popularity among men that is especially sensible to the consequences of conversion of estrogen. The worst side effect of Winstrol is damage of the liver. Although you can not prevent its influence on the liver during the treatment, you can minimize a risk, taking more subzero doses for more short period. Moreover, you must say no to any chemicals that can damage the liver and cause its diseases  during a few weeks after completion of treatment. Make sure that you allow your body to have rest and get well between the cycles of treatment.

Possible side effects for the women include:

Deepening voice
Increased body hair growth
Clitoral enlargement
Irregular menstruation

In case of these side effects, stop taking Winstrol at once, as they may be constant.

Stack Choices
One of the main privileges of Winstrol is that it acts better in a stack, but you should stick to some safety rules. Firstly, you should never use Winstrol in conjumction with the other steroids that  the risk of liver damage. Thus, you can’t mix Winstrol with Dianabol as it is very dangerous for your liver. The best choices for cutting cycle are Masteron and Trenbolone. Don’t forget to reduce the dosage of Stanozolol, if you combine them with the other steroids.

Secondly, even though men usually don’t need an anti-estrogen compound like Arimidex while using only Winstrol, you should consider the other substances in the stack. For instance, if you mix it with Trenbolone, you will certainly have to use an aromatase inhibitor to avoid the accumulation of estrogen and prevent the associated side effects.

Eventually, even though Winstrol is commonly known as a diuretic (which means that it helps to reduce water weight gain and high blood pressure), it may be insufficient if you pair it with the other compounds. Therefore, you should take an anti-hypertensive drug to avoid the increased blood pressure and other potential heart problems. Don’t forget to pay special attention to your body and watch your blood pressure.

Cycle Options
There is a wide range of Winstrol cycles. However, choosing the best one, stick to one iron-fisted rule. As Winstrol includes hepatotoxic substances, you must not use for more than 8 weeks in a row, and then take an 8-week break. Moreover, even though Winstrol is a great steroid for fat cutting and significantly increases your performance during your gaining cycles, it does not provide gaining on its own.

Winstrol has a very short half-life, which you should take into account while planning your treatment cycle. If you want to use it only for the fat loss, make sure to incorporate aromatase inhibitors in case you start to experience symptoms of increased amount of estrogen. Some sportsmen take Winstrol every day during their cycles; others take it only every other day. Some men can intake as much as 100mg per day, but in this case, you have to decrease the duration of the course to 2 weeks. Otherwise, it may represent a great risk of liver failure.

For instance, an Anavar Winstrol cycle gives incredible results, while men can take less of both substances to achieve them. 50mg of Anavar and 50mg of Winstrol a day during 8 weeks can ensure better muscle growth and definition than any other combination, even if you take both of them in low dosages.

Winstrol PCT
Winstrol is a potent substance that gives unbelievable results. However, the bad thing is that suppresses your body’s capacity to produce testosterone in a natural way. Therefore, you can’t just stop your treatment cycle. To make sure your body start producing testosterone on its own again, you should use such supplements as Clomid or Nolvadex. Most bodybuilders also take hCG after especially long Winstrol treatment cycles or if they mix Winstrol with other potent steroids. You require PCT if you’re going to refuse from any steroids and supplements for more than 12 weeks.

Winstrol has a very terminated half-life. Therefore, you can start taking PCT 3 days after the last intake of Winstrol. If you’re going to take hCG, use 500-1000mg a day 3 days for 10 days. After that, refuse from hCG and start to introduce Clomid (150mg) or Nolvadex (40mg) a day for about a month, but halve the every 2 weeks.

Is Winstrol Legal?
Winstrol is legally available in the US and Canada, but only on medication order. Many people get it in a legal way. However, you must renew your medication order every 6 months. Despite the fact that stanozolol, don’t forget that this is a regulated additive in America and some other countries. Consider that purchasing and using over-the-counter stanozolol is illegal and may have severe consequences.

On the other side, Winstrol is legal in Mexico and most European countries. A lot of sportsmen stay there as long as necessary to complete their treatment, while the others go to these countries and bring Winstrol back with them. Of course, these are not the most comfortable ways. Moreover, being caught with restricted substances may have severe consequences. You should be very cautious while buying Winstrol.


Where can I buy Winstrol?
You can obtain it in the most different ways, but be careful. For example, your gym colleagues may try to sell it to you for increasing energy and endurance. Even though you can find it easy and comfortable, you can’t be sure of what you’re buying. It is very easy to buy Winstrol online, but try to buy it from a reliable source.

What are the main advantages of Winstrol?

The main preferencesof Winstrol are the high amount of strength, endurance and muscle definition. According to the most feedbacks on Winstrol, even small doses of Winstrol in combination with good bulking agents elevate their endurance at lower doses with almost no side effects. However, as Winstrol contains hepatotoxic substances, most sportsmen use Winstrol during the fat cutting cycle.

Can I buy an oral liquid Winstrol suspension?
Yes, you can find it, but there are some discussions about his efficiency. If you choose liquid, we offer, that you hold drops under the tongue for about the half of minute before swallowing it to promote the absorptive capacity and bioavailability. They present the usually concentrated decisions, make sure so, that you know, what difference is between the liquid form for the oral use and liquid for injections.

Does Winstrol promote weight possible?
If you want to get rid of excess weight, using only Winstrol is not enough. Actually, Winstrol Depot doesn’t belong to the weight loss drugs. Sportsmen often introduce it into their fat cutting cycles to maintain their muscle mass and  their energy while cutting the body fat. Follow a strict diet and workout routine to lose weight.

Is Winstrol safe?
As long as you stick to the right doses and treatment lengths, Winstrol is safe for both men and women. People suffering from heart, kidney and liver diseases or diabetes should avoid using Winstrol.

Choose Winstrol, if you want to find out the cheapest and the most multilateral accessible products. Indifferently, if you combine it with mighty steroid, to attain a unidirectional externality effect, or take it together with a fat sharp substance, not to lose derives benefit, Winstrol – one of the best- acceptable and effective steroids.


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