D bal review
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Within a few years after its “birth”, Dianabol became the favorite and the most commonly used anabolic in all major sports. It was produced and sold almost all over the world. D bal was used by track and field athletes, weightlifters and MMA fighters. The mass fascination with this anabolic turned into a real cult. Millions of people forgot the main Jewish commandment – “don’t make graven images”, and turned Dianabol into their idol, giving it special place in the “medical kit” of their soul, and almost forget about the proper training program and diet. Even now, the interest in this miracle of sports pharmacology doesn’t reduce. Coaches, athletes and doctors literally pray to methandrostenolone, thrilled with this medicine.

Dianabol is an excellent means of increasing the body mass and performance. The rapid mass gaining is provided by two main processes in the body of d bal user: muscle mass hypertrophy and water retain in the body, caused by incredibly strong aromatization of the active substance. Therefore, we can’t speak of any “quality” of muscle mass, gained by means of d bal. The increase of performance during the intake of Dianabol is related to the fact that this steroid enhances the creatine phosphate synthesis in the muscle cell, which plays a crucial role in the restoration of adenosine triphosphate (ATP). ATP is the source of all muscle movements, as it is a kind of combustible material the cell needs for working. ATP is accumulated in the muscle cell and, if necessary, transforms into adenosine triphosphate. This process releases energy, which allows the muscle cell to work. Creatine phosphate is also necessary for the reciprocal process. The more it is, the quicker will be the recovery, and the more ATP the muscle cell gets. In practice, this means that the muscle becomes stronger.

Everyone who has tried metandienone knows that “pump effect” is often observed in the muscles involved in the training (the professionals call it “steroid pump”). The thing is that steroid increases the blood volume and the number of red blood cells in the human body. The muscles grow volume. Together with these advantages, increased blood flow to the muscle cell enhances the delivery of nutrients. The short- and long distance runners often make use of the related phenomenon of enhanced oxygen supply.

As any other steroid, methandrostenolone negatively affects the neural circuit “Hypothalamus – Hypophysis – Testes” that regulates the level of testosterone in the body. If the concentration of exogenous test in blood grows, the testes signal the need to elaborate less luteinizing hormone in the hypothalamus. Through this, hypophysis is signaled to release less HCG and FHS hormones. As a result, sex cells reduce the level of testosterone production, which breaks the hormonal balance. However, everything comes back to normal after the withdrawal of the drug.

D bal has a very short half-life (no more than a few hours). Therefore, you should take this anabolic several times a day to achieve optimal concentration of the active substance throughout the day.

Over the past 50 year, this legendary drug helped to achieve a lot of wins in different sports disciplines. However, there were also failures, resulted both in the destroyed sporting career because of the positive result of drug test and the impaired health owing to the persistent d bal abuse.

The main “target audience” of d bal are bodybuilders, powerlifters, weightlifters and musclemen. Dianabol is used mostly in sports, related to the weightlifting and the need to absorb/digest a lot of protein. Powerlifters and weightlifters like to “charge” with d bal to effectively fight with the force of gravity. D bal has an unusual ability to make iron lighter, muscles- stronger, reaction – sharper, which is used by the fans of “iron” sport. D bal managed to “take root” in the weightlifters’ diet. Therefore, the heads of Olympic Games wanted to exclude weightlifting from the program… fortunately, they changed their mind.

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